Former Bronco and BET journalist want to share love of the outdoors

Angel and Bobby Massie fell in love with the outdoors from a young age.

"I grew up in Baltimore and we had a yard with this huge, huge tree. And I used to wonder to myself, I know that there has to be a place where there are more big trees like that," said Angel.

Angel and Bobby Massie / Credit: Wanderland Outdoors
Angel and Bobby Massie / Credit: Wanderland Outdoors

"I'm from central Virginia, and, you know, hunting and fishing was the basis of our way of life," said Bobby.

As life went on, their priorities changed. Angel became a nationally known journalist for 10 years, and Bobby played 10 years in the NFL, including a stint with the Denver Broncos, but that wasn't their first time in Colorado. They got married here and took frequent trips to the mountains.

"Colorado is like an outdoor recreation mecca and so when Bobby would have football bye weeks, we come out here to go fly fishing. And then, we decided to buy a house here," said Angel.

Now, three years later, they have decided that their next adventure is sharing their passion with others. They started Wanderland Outdoors. It's a luxury Colorado outfitter that offers guided mindful hiking, guided fly-fishing trips, trail rides and more.

 / Credit: Wanderland Outdoors
/ Credit: Wanderland Outdoors

"We have a wonderful food by fire experience that is created and curated by Chef Bobby," said Angel.

They say in a world where we spend a lot of time indoors, they want people to reconnect with nature. The way they did.

"I've realized it's become more of a healing, a healing vessel for me. I used to use it during my, the bye weeks in the off season to have something to look back to, like, a joyful moment and, to calm me down and bring me peace," said Bobby.

Angel and Bobby Massie / Credit: CBS
Angel and Bobby Massie / Credit: CBS

And as a Black-owned business with a diverse team of guides, they say they want everyone to feel welcome in the outdoors. No matter who they are.

"It's important because the outdoors is a healing space," said Angel.

The Massies say they called their business a luxury outfitters so people know they will ensure everyone on their trip will be comfortable and happy on their trip.

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