A former 'Bachelor' broke quarantine to get her hair done in another state

A reality TV star is facing a wave of online

controversy after crossing state lines for what some

social media users called an “unbelievable” reason.

Amanda Stanton appeared on the 20th

season of “The Bachelor” and multiple

seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise".

She shared in a May 18 Instagram post that she

drove to another state for a hair appointment.

The 30-year-old lives in Los Angeles,

where salons are still closed due to

the city’s strict stay-at-home order.

However, her appointment was scheduled

at a beauty parlor in Arizona, according to a

now-expired post on her Instagram Stories.

“Drove very very far to get my hair done & may have

peed on the side of a dirt road because I’m scared to use

public restrooms,” Stanton wrote, according to Page Six.

The decision to drive hours away and violate

her city’s quarantine guidelines enraged several

of Stanton’s 1.2 million Instagram followers.

so much so that she briefly disabled

comments on a post revealing her

new hairdo, according to Insider.

Stanton held her ground on the decision

though, responding to the backlash with

another post on her Instagram Stories.

“I’m confident that I’ve been making

responsible choices during this time

and am proud of myself!” she concluded.

While interstate travel is not illegal at the

moment, several states require their residents

to self-quarantine after returning home