Former AKC Judge Investigated for Animal Cruelty

Former AKC Judge Investigated for Animal Cruelty
Former AKC Judge Investigated for Animal Cruelty

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In the world of show dogs, breeders can make big money. Some dogs with champion bloodlines are worth thousands of dollars; some have exceeded hundred thousand price tags.

For the most part, these dogs are cherished. But for some, it seems it’s all about the money. One former AKC judge is facing animal cruelty charges after an unscrupulous breeding operation was uncovered in his backyard.

Showdogs Left Uncared for in Tiny Kennels

After a report from a neighbor of animal cruelty, the SPCA investigated Jim Deppen, a longtime judge for the esteemed American Kennel Club. Deppen has also bred dogs for over 50 years. On the property, 13 dogs were discovered in poor conditions. Sadly, the bodies of two Mastiffs were also found. Deppen was watching the Mastiffs for a friend, and claims the two got into a fight, causing their deaths; their owner has elected not to press charges.

However, Deppen still faces charges of animal cruelty. Dogs on the property were described as ‘swimming in feces’ by Jason Haley, the neighbor who filed a report. Dogs were described as being kept in an unsanitary basement without veterinary care. The SPCA has also been previously called to the property for similar issues in the past.

Avoiding Support for Bad Breeders and Animal Cruelty

Not all dog breeders prioritize money over the health of their animals. But how can you be sure who you’re supporting?

Always ask to see your new puppy’s parents. A reputable breeder should be willing to show you your dog’s parents so you can ensure their health and temperaments. You should also be allowed to see the breeding facilities.

Breeders that hide information from you, won’t readily produce vet records, or otherwise aren’t straightforward are to be avoided. And keep in mind that buying a sick puppy is likely to end in tragedy along with handing money over to a cruel breeder. If you’re shown a visibly ill or injured puppy for sale, report the breeder for animal cruelty.

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