Forget White Nails, Follow Kamie Crawford’s Lead and Opt for a Vanilla Manicure

<em>Kamie Crawford and bottle of OPI nail lacquer. </em><p>Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images and Amazon</p>
Kamie Crawford and bottle of OPI nail lacquer.

Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images and Amazon

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With the holidays on the horizon, manicures are top of the mind these days. We all love to go all out for a seasonal party, meaning, even if nails aren’t our typical splurge, they become somewhat of an investment this time of year.

There’s been lots of talk (we know, we’ve contributed) about the sorts of manicures that are “in” right now. And while we stand behind those opinions—red and brown are certainly both in right now—we also know that sometimes we all crave something a little bit more muted.

If you’re like us, that means in the past you’ve really gone for the French manicure. It was the chic thing of childhood, but now it’s making a well-deserved comeback. And while we will happily sport it from time to time, mixing up our neutral manicure look is a welcome change sometimes.

Kamie Crawford couldn’t agree more. On her most recent trip to the nail salon, the model opted for a neutral hue, but not like any we’ve seen before. The creamy barely white color that she chose has a sort of milk-y tint and the softest finish—an interesting (and less glaring) twist on typical white nails.

Thanks to a TikTok that she shared from the trip, we have the intel on the exact shade she used to achieve her chic look. It was none other than OPI’s Funny Bunny ($11.49).

OPI Nail Lacquer - Funny Bunny, $11.49 (

Not quite white, this creamy shade is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd this fall season, and into the holidays, too.

We’re not in the business of pushing you away from the bold tones that you’re into (if you want the red, get the red), but if you are looking for a little something else (a neutral, but a new neutral), may we suggest following Crawford’s lead. We certainly will be.

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