Forget the Road Trip! The 1% Does College Visits By Private Jet


Here’s how to visit colleges in style. (Photo: Magellan Jets)

Tis’ the season for college visits!

Most families pack up the car and road trip around America visiting prospective universities.  Really, really ridiculously wealthy families take it one step further and charter their own private jet. 

Yes. That is a thing. 

In a move guaranteed to please the one percent, Magellan Jets has announced that they will provide college tours this season. The package comes with a 10 hour jet card in 10 hour increments. You simply tell the company what colleges your child would like to visit, and the flight support team will map out the most efficient routes.

Magellan provides each family with an itinerary, tour dates, and even car service for pick up and drop off. The cost for this service starts at $43,500, which as it turns out, will easily buy you four years of in-state tuition at pretty much any American University.  

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Forget the road trip. (Photo: Magellan Jets)

So, after you drop 40k jetting to every prospective university, you might not have money to actually pay for college. But your kid can take out loans, right?

If time permits, Magellan Jets will also arrange a private chauffeured tour of the campus town with a local driver who will share the town’s history. And for a little extra, Magellan Jets can also arrange a meet and greet with high-profile alumni.

Finally, the busy family can now see all of their prospective colleges in one day. 

After all, time is money. 

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