'Forget my name': High school offers hilarious option for parents tired of fundraising

Auburn (Ala.) High School offer
Auburn High School in Alabama allows parents to opt out of fundraisers and bake sales. (Photo: Briana Leggett Woods via Facebook)

Nothing can send parents into panic mode faster than their child informing them that their school is holding a bake sale tomorrow, they’ve signed them up to provide two dozen cupcakes, it’s already 9:00 p.m. and the house is out of sugar.

I distinctly remember my mother, near tears, covered in powder sugar of homemade frosting telling me only to offer to bring napkins and paper plates going forward. The lesson was so ingrained that I still offer to bring paper plates to any dinner party I’m invited to.

Auburn High School in Alabama has finally thrown a bone to exhausted parents in the form of an “opt out” fundraiser, and, honestly, where has this been all our lives?

Parents who still wish to volunteer their services to future bake sales and fundraisers are encouraged to submit their email address, but parents who are too busy to respond to phone calls and emails can offer a $25 donation. Or, if they’re feeling generous and want to bribe the school to “forget my name & my face and not ask me for anything else all year except to complete this form,” they can send in $50 or more.

Plenty of people on social media can relate to the mother, Briana Leggett Woods, who initially shared a photo of the fundraiser on Facebook and who shared her relief on LoveWhatMatters.com.

Perhaps in the future parents will have the option to tell schools to take their money and leave them alone — please!

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