Forget Brunette — It’s All About “French Brown”

Model-actress Suki Waterhouse surprised us all by going from blonde to brunette this past weekend. Even more surprising? Her colorist Jack Howard calls the color “French Brown.” He used a hand-painting technique called balayage to bring the Brit from icy blonde to chestnut brown. “When I balayage I like to do brown-on-brown, or what I call a 'French Brown,' with no more than three levels of lightness,” he tells Fashionista.

Sure, calling just about anything French makes it sound fancier, but in this case, French Brown actually makes sense. French brunettes often show off enviable depth and dimension — a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will — without looking dramatically different from their God-given hue. Is it the shade they were born with or the work of a talented colorist? We’ll never know, but we’ve found 10 French women who prove that brown hair is as cool as it is chic.