This Food Stand Sells Crispy Fried Chicken Skins, Because It’s the Best Part

Photo credit: Facebook @chicknskinLA
Photo credit: Facebook @chicknskinLA

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The best part of fried chicken is the skin. It’s not a debate, it’s just a fact. Chick N’ Skin in Los Angeles knows this firsthand, because it’s a food stand that is dedicated to the crispy skin.

The company was founded in 2017 and dubs itself as the first food spot of its kind to market the product at festival markets and online. While there isn’t a storefront, you can find Chick N’ Skin products as major California events - like 626 Night Market, OC Night Market, and NorCal Night Market.

The chip-like treat is made of 100% organic chicken skin, wheat flour, and soybean oil. It comes in various flavors: The Original, Salt & Vinegar, Chinese Salt & Pepper, Buffalo Wing, BBQ Bacon, and Tom Yum (Sweet & Spicy). If you spot the stand at one of those food events, you can get Chicken Skin Nachos, topped with cheese, sour cream, and jalapeño.

“Our products are created to be a unique type of healthier snack idea for those who are tired of the same old boring chips and carb-heavy foods,” the website says.

The good news is that the fried chicken skins are available online to be shipped to your door. The bad news is that they’re sold out at the moment. You didn’t think you’d be the only person dying to try these, did you?

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