This New Folding Tip Will Help You Say Goodbye to Messy Drawers

Stop disaster zone dressers in their tracks.

Video Transcript


- So, you wash your kids clothes, you fold them neatly, then you put them in drawers. Then an hour later, this happens? I've been there because your child always needs the t-shirt that's at the bottom of the stack, right? Well, here's my number one trick to keep your kids drawers organized. The one trick that keeps all our clothing organized, simply fold the laundry this way and instead of stacking the shirts on top of each other, lay them all next to each other in the drawer.

That way, your child can easily see which shirts he or she has, and if he or she grabs one, the others stay in place. When I first heard about this, I wasn't sure whether this was actually going to work for my household. But this drawer has looked like this for about a year now, and that's a lot better than this.