How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

This easy method will have your sheet neatly folded in under 60 seconds.

Video Transcript


LEXIE SACHS: Hi. I'm Lexie Sachs with the Good Housekeeping Institute. And today, I'm going to show you how to easily fold a fitted sheet.

First, hold the sheet with your hands in the corners, the long side going across your body, and the top of the fabric facing you. Take one corner, and tuck it into the other. Then repeat that tuck on the other side. Now your fitted sheet is folded in half with the corners tucked together. Repeat that tuck one more time so now all four corners are folded into each other.

The next part, use a table or another flat surface like a countertop or your bed. You should see a C shape in the fabric when you lie it down. Fold the sheet in thirds from the outside in, and you can smooth it out as you go. And fold it in thirds from the opposite direction. Flip it over, and you are done.