Flying in Style: Virgin Atlantic Unveils Airline Onesie

Virgin founder Richard Branson models the latest in in-flight couture. (Photo: Twitter)

Don’t you hate those little fleece blankets they hand out on flights? They always smell like plastic wrapping and are barely big enough to cover your legs—never mind your arms.

Well Virgin Atlantic has an answer to your in-flight warming needs. The international airline has collaborated with Norwegian designers OnePiece, to unveil their newest line of airline onesies. Yes, I said airline onesies.

Will Virgin Atlantic make the onesie cool? (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

In a press release from Virgin Atlantic, the airline boasts that their new onesie is a “chic” alternative to their existing sleep suit-which is basically a pair of sweat pants. They even nabbed British model, Amber Le Bon (Father is Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon) to model the new apparel. “As someone who travels a lot I know how important it is to feel comfortable when heading to the skies,” says Le Bon. “The new Virgin Atlantic onesie is comfortable yet stylish – the perfect combination for long haul travel.”

Stylish might be a stretch. I don’t doubt their comfort, but the onesies look like the love child between a Snuggie and footy pajamas. However, they do resemble the jumpsuit worn by Maverick in “Top Gun.”

Virgin Atlantic Founder Richard Branson even took a turn modeling the new duds on Twitter.

The “stylish” pajamas will be available for upper class passengers in mid-June. And pending their success, I wonder what the next in-air comfort might be?

In-flight pacifiers? Swaddling by your flight attendant? Diapers? The sky is the limit.

Here’s some questions we have about these onesies:

1. Where do you change into your onesie?

2. Do you wear your onesie when you get off the plane?

3. Do they have pockets?