Flyers Mascot Gritty 'Scores' a Date With a Young Fan's Mom

Getty Images

Since making his big debut in fall of 2018, the Philadelphia Flyers, shall we say, unconventional mascot Gritty has endeared himself to residents of the City of Brotherly Love for his antics both on and off the ice. And during a Flyers game this week, Gritty challenged a young fan for a chance to literally shoot his shot with the boy's mother.

"Plz, call me dad," Gritty posted on X, formerly Twitter, using his trademark humor. In the accompanying short video, the seven-foot-tall orange monster held a sign that read: "Make a save ... you get my stick. I score ... I date your mom. Deal?"

However, the pint-sized fan was no match for Gritty, who easily made the goal with a triumphant fist pump. And then sure enough, he skated over to the boy's blonde mother, who blew kisses at him through the glass partition.

It's unclear whether the fan's mom is actually single, or whether the real-life human underneath Gritty's furry exterior is, for that matter, but you have to admit it would make a love story for the ages.

In either case, that brash, irreverent attitude is exactly why Philadelphians love Gritty so much, and why the mascot has managed to transcend his popularity beyond just hockey, or Philadelphia sports, for that matter.

Shortly after being unveiled to a perplexed world, Gritty showed exactly what he was made of when responding to the Pittsburgh Penguins, which reacted with a blunt "lol ok" at Gritty's initial tweet introducing himself.

"Sleep with one eye open tonight, bird," Gritty clapped back, seemingly directed to the Penguins mascot, Iceburgh.

Apparently that sentiment also tracks if you're a kid with an attractive mom. There's a new stepdad in town!