Fly Me to the Moon: Photographer Takes Out-of-This-World Plane Pics

No, you still can’t take an airplane to the moon. But one look at this photographer’s amazing pictures may convince you otherwise.

French photographer Sebastien Lebrigand has astronomers and plane fanatics buzzing with his amazing pictures of airplanes silhouetted against the moon and the sun. Lebrigand lives along the flight path of Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, giving him a unique vantage point from which to capture aircraft in all their celestial glory.

So why did Lebrigand start taking these unique airplane shots? “A photographic challenge,” he tells Yahoo Travel in an email. “To see if it was possible to make a beautiful image.”

Lebrigrand is “over the moon” about the international stir his pics have generated online (you can see them on his Flickr page). So are we. Here are our favorites: