Fly From NYC to Paris in Style: New (and Cheap) All-Business Class Airline Takes Flight


Business travelers: new airline flies you in style from New York to Paris at a bargain price. (Photo: La Compagnie)

A new airline promises business-class service with economy-class prices — and a French accent.

French boutique airline La Compagnie is offering discount transatlantic flights between New York’s Newark Airport and Paris’ Charles De Gaulle that cater to business travelers. That means smaller cabins (74 passengers), free Wi-Fi, and seats that recline 180-degrees. Passengers even enjoy meals created by Michelin-starred French chef Christophe Langree.


La Compagnie features all the comforts of business class travel at a fraction of the price. (Photo: La Compagnie)

But the main draw is the price. A round-trip ticket costs around $1,500, which is competitive with a number of economy-class fares on other airlines.

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The downside: the schedule’s a little inflexible. As La Compagnie currently only has one plane, a Boeing 757, there are just two flights a day — from Paris to New York and back again. Plus, there are days when it operates no flights at all. The airline says it expects to add a second plane in December.

Recent attempts to launch an all-business class transatlantic airline were killed by the Great Recession. But La Compagnie is betting that flying in style, cheaply, is a trend ready to take flight again.

WATCH: La Compagnie Announces New Airline

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