Florida Shelter Dog with Severe Kennel Stress Is So Heartbreaking to See


Kennel stress is a term used to describe the behavioral and emotional distress that can affect dogs when they are confined in kennels or shelters for extended periods. Some dogs may refuse to eat, chew their skin excessively, or pace back and forth.

One poor dog who has a horrible case of kennel stress is a beautiful pup named Bubbles shown in a heartbreaking clip from the Broward County Humane Society on October 29.

The heartbreaking video, posted by the TikTok account for @humanebroward, reads in part, "Bubbles (aka: Barbie) came to us as a very pregnant stray dog back in May and gave birth at our shelter. All of her puppies were quickly adopted, but she waited for months to be noticed by adopters. Then she was adopted… for a day. She was brought back because she didn’t get along with other dogs. Since then her stress has caused her to develop multiple UTIs and respiratory infections. Now, she is simply going mad and spins in circles until she collapses."

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Shelter workers do everything possible to make dogs in their care feel safe and secure until they are adopted, but some dogs still develop kennelitis and when they finally are adopted, these pups may take longer to adjust to their new family and home.

If you adopt one of these dogs, and we really hope you do because these dogs need a safe and stable environment so badly, you will need a lot of patience to help them feel safe. Maintaining a consistent daily routine, including feeding and walking schedules, can help dogs feel more secure.

Providing them with a quiet environment and lots of affection and enrichment activities like chew toys and busy feeders can also help.

If your adopted dog is still showing signs of kennel stress weeks later, please check with your veterinarian to see if they suggest additional training or medication. Most importantly, please consider giving one of these poor dogs a loving forever home.

If you are interested in Bubbles, or any of the other dogs at the Broward Humane Society, you can visit their website here.

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