Florida Governor Wants Tighter Restrictions on Mail-In Ballots Despite His Ballot Being Tossed in 2016

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
·2 min read

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the Cliff Clavin of Michael Scotts.

He’s your favorite idiot’s favorite idiot.

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He is literally one of the dumbest men in the world, which is Republican for “He may be president someday.”

DeSantis, more like DeGoFuckYourself, is one of a few Republican governors who wants to put tighter restrictions on mail-in ballots because they are the kid with the football who can’t stand losing so he keeps changing the rules so he can score.

The funny part is that restrictions are already so tight in Florida that DeFuckHead had his ballot tossed (which is nothing like having a salad tossed, which is totally different. Totally.) because his signature did not matching the signature on file.

According to the Hill, Florida, literally the butthole of America, tossed DeSantis’ 2016 primary vote after a Flagler County election official determined that the “signature bore ‘no similarities’ to the ones they had on file. Neither did a backup signature provided by the governor.” It was unclear whether DeFloridaMan submitted another ballot after his vote was rejected.

But DeColostomyBag and other Florida Republicans are still looking to further restrict voting because this is how you steal elections you can’t win. Just look at Georgia, which not only changed its voting laws but arrested a Black lawmaker for trying to witness the crime as it was happening.

The proposal would include “measures such as reducing the number of mail-in ballot drop boxes and changing the process by which voters obtain mail-in ballots,” the Hill reports.

And all of this stems back to former President Trump’s fictitious claims that there was widespread voter fraud during the presidential election.

“These voter suppression tactics highly impact Black voters,” Moné Holder, senior director of advocacy and programs at Florida Rising, told the Hill last fall.