Florida couple invite family and friends to wedding at stranger's mansion, promptly get evicted by police

Reid McCarter
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This isn’t the couple’s actual wedding cake, but maybe they can just take it anyway.
This isn’t the couple’s actual wedding cake, but maybe they can just take it anyway.

A Florida couple named Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones, determined to have the wedding of their dreams, recently decided they would host it at a sprawling Fort Lauderdale mansion owned by a stranger who they thought wouldn’t be home.

NBC Miami reports that the mansion’s owner, Nathan Finkel, called 911 on Saturday morning when he saw the groom on the property, getting ready for his big day. “They keep harassing me, calling me,” Finkel told a dispatcher. “They say they’re having a wedding here and it’s God’s message. I don’t know what’s going on. All I want is [for] it to stop.” When police arrived, Wilson left “and no charges were filed.”

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When it came to deciding a wedding location, Wilson was divinely inspired. He’s “said it was God’s plan that [he and Jones] marry” at the mansion—a while back. Wilson had pretended to be an interested buyer “several months ago” during a property tour before asking if he could host his wedding in its yard. He was turned down, but went for it anyway because, as an attorney puts it, “the guy figured it was a vacant house and didn’t realize [Finkel] lived on the property in a different home.”

A copy of the wedding invitation shown in a Boing Boing post provides information on where to find Wilson and Jones’ “dream home and Estate,” and that guests were in for “a wonderful evening of celebration, exquisite feast and dancing At our Royal Extravaganza!!” (And also an unusually worded note that “Seating is open for your convenience. Please sit where you feel comfortable.”)

Finkel has been trying to sell the property for two years now, and it’s currently listed for $5,695,000, which is several million more dollars than it would cost to, we guess, just show up with moving trucks one day and try to live their without anyone knowing.

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