Flipz Is Releasing New Stuff’d and Bites for More Ways to Enjoy Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

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Photo credit: Flipz
Photo credit: Flipz

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Flipz is known for its chocolate-covered pretzels that remind us why our mouths drool for a salty-sweet snack. Now the brand is stepping outside of its norm with two new varieties that back even more sweet goodness: Flipz Stuff’d and Flipz Bites.

The Flipz Stuff’d consists of nub-shaped pretzels that are covered in milk chocolate and stuffed with peanut butter. We can only imagine that when you bite into one, you’ll get a burst of creamy peanut butter — which has to be amazing, right? The Flipz Bites consist of a mix of caramel and pretzel pieces that are completely covered in milk chocolate. While they’re very different, each the treats offer a new way to enjoy the beloved chocolate-and-pretzel combination.

Photo credit: Flipz
Photo credit: Flipz

Both of the new offerings have popped up Open Tip, an online shopping destination, ahead of any official word from Flipz. We’re hoping that, although we just see there is one flavor in each category, there will be more varieties added over time.

It isn’t clear when these new snacks will hit shelves, but it’s a good sign that they’re listed online, including the Flipz Stuff’d on Instacart. Fingers crossed we’ll be eating these treats soon enough, but we’ll let you know more once we have additional information.

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