Flight Exec Delays Flight After Going Nuts Over Improperly Served Nuts


A nut controversy delayed a Korean Air Seoul-New York flight (Photo: Getty Images)

Free career advice: if your boss’ daughter shows up at your workplace, you might want to make sure everything is perfect. Or else she might just go nuts — in more ways than one.

That’s exactly what happened aboard a Korean Air flight from New York’s JFK to Seoul. Officials say the CEO’s daughter, who is an executive vice president for the airline, delayed the flight’s takeoff, claiming her nuts were served improperly.

UPDATE: Nuts! Korean Air Exec Resigns Over 'Nutroversy'

According to AFP, the nutroversy occurred as the plane was taxiing toward the runaway. The VP, Cho Hyun Ah (who also goes by Heather Cho), reportedly got upset because she was served pre-flight macadamia nuts without being asked. Then she really got upset when the nuts were served in a packet instead of a bowl. Cho blamed the chief flight attendant for the grave lapse in nut-serving procedure and had the person booted off the plane.


Korean Air exec Heather Cho (on right) apparently went nuts on a plane. (Photo: Getty)

So the plane returned to the gate, the offending flight attendant left, and the plane — and its properly served nuts — went on to New York 11 minutes late.

As you might imagine, news that an airline official delayed a plane full of 250 paying passengers in a fit over nuts isn’t playing well in South Korea. The main opposition party released a statement saying Cho “soiled the reputation of our flag carrier… Why did she have to make all that fuss because of some stupid macadamia nuts?”

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Korean Air is backing Cho. A spokesman tells AFP, Cho had lost confidence in the flight attendant’s ability to ensure the safety of the flight’s 250 passengers (because if flight attendants can’t handle a simple pre-flight snack, they can’t be trusted to open the emergency doors). The spokesman added the pilot on board the plane agreed with Cho’s decision.

Korean air regulators are now investigating whether any air safety rules were broken along with any nut infractions.

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