Flight attendant shares the biggest security steps she takes when checking into a hotel room

A flight attendant is going viral after sharing her biggest hotel security tips.

The flight attendant, who goes by CiCi (@cici_inthesky)on TikTok, shared the advice in a video posted on May 25. The clip shows every safety measure she takes after checking into her hotel room.

It’s just the latest travel tip to go viral on TikTok. Flight attendants in particular have shared countless bits of advice, since many of them travel more in a year than most of us will in a decade.

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In one popular clip, a flight attendant shared the easiest ways to get upgraded to first class. In another, a flight attendant explained what an airplane’s “chime” sounds really mean.

CiCi’s video was focused heavily on safety, and many users thanked her for it. Meanwhile, others thought she was being too cautious.

To start, CiCi props open her door and checks the room — including the closets, the shower and the space behind the curtains. She also checks to make sure the phone works.

Then she closes the door and covers the peephole. As an extra measure, she closes the latch lock with a hand towel, which in some cases makes it harder to pick.

CiCi also keeps her suitcase next to the door. As she explained in the comments, this is to prevent someone from running a wire or some other lock-picking device along the ground outside.

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After that, CiCi shared a number of more general tips, such as knowing where the fire exits are, and leaving the TV volume on when you’re out of the room.

She also recommended Presence, a free app that lets you use your smart devices as security cameras. That way, CiCi explains, you can leave a phone or tablet in your room to see if someone entered it without you knowing.

Many commenters — including hotel workers and other flight attendants — praised the advice.

“These are great tips,” one user wrote.

“I was never scared but now I know I won’t be able to sleep in a hotel now,” another added.

Others, however, were confused or taken aback.

“What’s the towel for?” one user asked.

“What kind of hotels are you staying at?” another added. “Way over the top.”

“Aren’t we a little paranoid?” another asked.

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