Flight Attendant Says Korean Air Exec Made Him Kneel After Nut Mishap


Former Korean Air executive Heather Cho apologizes for the nut incident. Now the flight attendant she allegedly tormented is speaking out. (Photo: AP)

Korean Air’s nutty nightmare continues.

The flight attendant who was famously booted off a Korean Air flight after a tyrannical now-former airline executive was improperly served nuts is speaking out about the incident — and unloading on the family-run airline.

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Senior flight attendant Park Chang-jin told South Korea’s KBS television network the Korean Air executive — Heather Cho, daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho — humiliated him after she was offered macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a plate as the plane was about to depart New York’s JFK Airport for Seoul.


The flight attendant says Cho humiliated him after she was served macadamia nuts in a manner not to her liking. (Photo: Getty Images)

"People who haven’t experienced will not understand that feeling of being insulted and shamed," Park said.

He said he and another flight attendant actually had to kneel before Cho to apologize for the nut mishap. But, he says, Cho responded by poking the back of his hand with the flight manual and yelling for the crew to "call right now and stop the plane. I will stop this plane from leaving." Park said when the plane returned to the gate, he got off and took a separate flight home.

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Later, as the incident was making international news, Park said airline officials repeatedly asked him to lie about what happened and say that Cho wasn’t abusive. Aviation officials are investigating Cho to see if her on-board power trip violated aviation laws.

WATCH: Korean Air Nut Row Apology

Park’s comments aren’t going to help Korean Air’s efforts to ease the backlash over the nut incident. Cho’s father has stripped her of all her duties at the family conglomerate.  

On Friday, Heather Cho was forced to issue a public mea culpa, where she made her own apology bow before reporters. Her dad bowed, too, apologizing for not raising his daughter better.


Not a proud papa: Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho apologized for his daughter’s behavior. (Photo: AP)

AFP is reporting that Cho has attempted to visit the flight attendants she humiliated on the flight. They reportedly weren’t home, so she wrote a note.

But she’s denying that she made anyone bow, reportedly telling AFP: "I’ve never heard such thing. I don’t know anything about it,"

One funny result from the controversy: Sales of macadamia nuts in South Korea are booming.


Now, it’s macadamia nuts that are flying — off South Korean store shelves. (Photo: AP)

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