Flight attendant speaks out after claiming she was forced to clean a passenger after he used the restroom

Emily Kuo (Photo: NBC)
Emily Kuo (Photo: NBC)

A flight attendant who says that she had to clean a man’s private parts after he used a restroom on a flight from LAX to Taiwan has come forward saying that the incident has left her traumatized.

Emily Kuo, a 31-year-old who has worked as a flight attendant with Taiwan-based EVA Air for nine years, claimed that she and fellow members of the all-female flight crew had to help a man remove his underwear and wipe him when he was finished using the restroom on the Saturday morning flight last week.

Kuo told Los Angeles news station KNBC that when the man, whom she described as heavy-set, boarded the plane, he asked to be moved to a row with three empty seats. He also informed the flight attendant that he had recently had surgery on his right hand and would need help going to the restroom, she said. Kuo said she would assist him to the bathroom. Two and a half hours into the flight, the passenger asked to be taken to the restroom.

After about 30 seconds, the passenger pressed the assistance button and stated he needed help removing his underwear, according to Kuo. The man’s privates were exposed, and Kuo grabbed a blanket to cover him. She says he slapped her hand away, stating, “I don’t need this, just come here and take off my pants.”

Kuo and other members of the crew obliged, KNBC reported. Then, she said, the man asked members of the crew to wipe his bottom. She explained that they did not have baby wipes, but would provide wet towels for him to clean himself. She says the man then yelled, “I can’t! You promised me you would do that for me!”

Kuo told the outlet that she did not promise that, however, as the man was persistent, she held him up while another flight attendant cleaned him.

“I think this kind of thing is way out of my duty,” Kuo said.

EVA Air released a statement on the Chinese social media site Weibo, saying that protecting its employees is its duty and the passenger’s request was unreasonable. According to the statement, the airline’s policy states that flight attendants are not required to assist passengers going to the toilet.

EVA Air is currently investigating the incident, and Kuo told KNBC she is hopeful that the passenger will not be allowed to board any future flights without a caregiver.

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