Flight Attendant Asks Passengers to Write Marriage Advice on Napkins. Then, She Surprises Bride on Board (Exclusive)

Bri Kunkle and her fiancé Kyle will tie the knot on May 9 in Oceanside, California

<p>Bri Kunkle</p> Bri Kunkle receives notes from passengers on plane to bachelorette party.

Bri Kunkle

Bri Kunkle receives notes from passengers on plane to bachelorette party.

Fifteen minutes into her flight to Austin, Texas, for her bachelorette trip, Bri Kunkle got up from her seat to go to the bathroom.

While the Northern California local was away, the flight attendants began taking drink orders. As Kunkle's friends started sipping their celebratory beverages, they told them about their friend's bachelorette trip and upcoming wedding.

When Kunkle returned to her seat, a flight attendant congratulated her — and made an announcement.

"Before I knew it, she just went straight to the back and got on the little mic and announced that I was on the way to my bachelorette party," Kunkle tells PEOPLE exclusively.

But that wasn't all Dena, the flight attendant, did.

Kunkle says after the announcement, Dena went around the cabin handing out napkins to the passengers and asking them to write advice for the bride-to-be.

"It was so sweet. I received almost 50 napkins back, so it was heartwarming," Kunkle, 27, says.

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<p>Bri Kunkle</p> Bri Kunkle and her friends on the flight to Austin, Texas.

Bri Kunkle

Bri Kunkle and her friends on the flight to Austin, Texas.

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After the flight, Kunkle posted a video of the moment to TikTok, and to her surprise, it went viral, garnering 7.7 million views and almost 8,000 comments.

"I don't know if you can see it on my face, but it was such an overwhelming moment of emotion. It was very, very sweet and kind," she says. "The only thing that was going through my head was that this trip was already off to such an amazing start."

While Kunkle hasn't been able to get in touch with Dena since the flight, she says she noticed the flight attendant's daughter commented on her TikTok video.

"She was a true angel," Kunkle says. "I hope this video makes her feel special too."

As for the napkin from Dena? "Bri, I wish someone would've said this to me. It's a choice, not an emotion, to love every day. Choose to love him, forgive when needed, and choose to grow old together," reads her sentimental note.

"Bri, congratulations. Never go to bed angry at each other. Always give a kiss to each other when starting your day and ending it. Congrats again. By the way, we're going on 41 years," another note reads.

<p>Bri Kunkle</p> One of the notes Bri Kunkle received on the plane.

Bri Kunkle

One of the notes Bri Kunkle received on the plane.

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While on the trip, Kunkle called her fiancé Kyle and shared the notes with him. When she returned to California, the two sat down together and read through them all, she says.

Now as their wedding day approaches on May 9, Kunkle is finding a way to incorporate these notes into their ceremony and celebration.

"We have a note here that says to marry your best friend, and I think that's so important. Kyle and I hold that to our hearts — we want to be each other's best friend," she tells PEOPLE.

"There's a lot of good advice in here, including things as simple as holding hands. We received a note that says holding hands is such a small but intimate gesture that shows the person you're with that you enjoy their presence. These small gestures will make us successful in our marriage," she concludes.

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