This Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker Makes for a Unique Vday Gift

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This Bluetooth Speaker Is Surprisingly Romantic

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With February here, we’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. Whether you’re searching for amazing Vday gifts for your partner, besties, kiddos, or mom and feeling stumped, we’ve got an idea that goes beyond the typical (yet still lovely) flowers and chocolates.

Over at Uncommon Goods, you can find many amazing, interesting Valentine’s Day gifts, from a Date Night Fondue Set to Snuggle Candle Holders. For the partner who loves music, the retailer is offering an ultra-cool Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker.

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Yep, you read that correctly. It’s a speaker that looks like a lantern with a crackling fire lit inside. Now, your partner doesn’t have to use the light, of course, if they just simply want to play music, which the speaker will do for as long as 30 hours before needing to charge. But the LED “fire” provides a romantic touch that makes this a sweet Vday gift. Not to mention, it also can go well beyond Valentine’s Day, since the fire effect can be relaxing after a long day at the office or for a chill date night in.

And while we’re mostly thinking of being inside right now because it’s the middle of a chilly winter (at least here in New York City), this Bluetooth speaker would also be awesome to bring to the beach or on camping trips, given that it’s both dust- and water-resistant.

Don’t get us wrong: We love the classic Valentine’s Day gifts. But if you’re after something a little more unique that your S.O. can enjoy all year, this Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker offers that.

Shop the Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker at Uncommon Goods

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