Flame In The Snow- 1960 Winter Olympics Film Available To Watch On YouTube

One of Palisades Tahoe, CA, (previously Sq*aw Valley)'s biggest claims to fame is hosting the 1960 Olympic Winter Games.

Hence, the Olympic rings you notice when you enter the base of the mountain, Palisades side.

Now, an official film documenting this history-making occasion is available for your viewing pleasure: Flame in the Snow. 

With "highlights of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games in Squ*w Valley, California," this film comes in at just under half an hour long.

Produced by Marvin Becker Films, the film includes footage of figure skating, ice hockey, and, of course, ski racing (both GS and Slalom!).

If you ski Palisades, there's absolutely no excuse not to watch this part of our resort's history. Much of Palisades Tahoe's initial success as a resort came from one of the founders, Alex Cushing's, idea to use the mountain as the setting for the Olympic Games.

Things came together when Cushing "heard Reno, Nevada was in the running to host the 1960 Olympic Games it sparked his ambitious can-do attitude, and he made a bid for the games to be in Palisades Tahoe."

"He proposed the idea that Palisades Tahoe was a blank slate and could be transformed into exactly what the Winter Olympic Games needed within five years. His promise to build facilities that could accommodate the athletes and audiences included roads, bridges, hotels, restaurants, event arenas, and all the tracks needed for the games."

"His scale model of the planned site put his compelling argument over the top when he won over the International Olympic Committee in Paris."

The courses around Palisades Tahoe in 1960. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
The courses around Palisades Tahoe in 1960. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Even if you don't ski Palisades Tahoe, it's a cool moment in history. In the film, the narrator explains that "the eighth Olympic Games have come to America!"

Everyone was so dapper back in the 60s, and it's rad to see skiing taken so seriously.

The end of the movie has footage from the Slalom races, and it's interesting to see how much things have changed. From not hitting the poles to the types of skis racers used to not wearing helmets, there's a lot to compare in this film!

Plus, it all just stokes you out to get out there and enjoy Palisades Tahoe for yourself!

See you on the hill!

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