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I test kitchen products for a living, and this oil sprayer is a cooking game changer

As someone whose dinners typically consist of sauteed/roasted proteins and vegetables, you can probably guess that I go through a lot of olive oil. Well, less so now, ever since the Flairosol Olivia Oil Sprayer waltzed into my kitchen. This gorgeous, highly useful tool has transformed my cooking, as I'm now able to give my pots and pans a light spritz that'll impart flavor while keeping the food from sticking (and with hardly any grease, to boot). Oh, and P.S. — it NEVER clogs! Here's my full review:

Grease is not the word (when you have this nifty gizmo in your kitchen). 

$23 at Amazon

Prior to puchasing the Flairosol, I used store-bought cooking sprays — though I eventually realized that pan frying with good ol' olive oil was the route I wanted to take (I learned the hard way that you're not supposed to use cooking sprays on nonstick pans, and I'm happy to ditch the mystery chemicals). The problem with that, though? I would coat my pans and sheet trays with glugs of olive oil straight from the bottle, resulting in an abundance of grease.

I knew oil sprayers existed — my mom had used them in the '90s and '00s (does Misto ring a bell?) — but my memory of them consisted of endless pumping, clogging and then maybe getting the oil to come out ... but in a stream rather than an evenly distributed mist. In short, I thought they were gimmicky and not worth the trouble.

Then one day, while browsing Amazon, I came across an oil sprayer that seemed to have lots of good reviews. I'll admit, it was the clever name, followed by the gorgeous glass bottle that first caught my eye (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging), and because I'm always on the lookout for new kitchen products to test, I ordered it.

Author holding the Flairosol oil sprayer
The perfect oil sprayer does not exis — oh wait, yes it does. (Photo: Britt Ross/Yahoo)

Before it arrived, I'd wondered if it would look cheap and feel flimsy in person. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it was just as beautiful as in the photos, if not more so. And when filled with golden olive oil, it's something I'm more than happy to keep on my counter.

But ... would it work?

Unlike the oil misters of my past, the Flairosol doesn't require pumping (already a plus). All you do is fill it with oil, screw the top on and pull the ergonomic lever to spray. I'm happy to report that it worked perfectly the first time I tried it, sending a light, even spritz over my pan rather than a disappointing spurt. Hurray! Now I'm able to control the amount of oil I use — one spray is usually enough for my smaller pans, and two is ample for my larger ones — resulting in food that takes on nice color without sitting in a pool of grease.

The best part, however, is that I've yet to witness a single clog — and I've been using this thing pretty much every night for eight months. One thing I will note is that, while it looks beautiful, olive oil stays fresher when stored in darker glass containers (hence the reason most of them are green), but the Flairosol only holds 4.4 ounces at a time, so if you use it regularly enough and keep it away from heat, you should be fine.

Flairosol oil sprayer next to a Le Creuset casserole dish
My Le Creuset is in great company. (Photo: Britt Ross/Yahoo)

You can use the Flairosol to spritz any type of cooking oil, in addition to cooking wine, soy sauce and water. While I mainly use it for sauteeing and roasting, it would be perfect for spraying onto the basket of your air fryer or even over your salads. But don't just take my word for it — over 1,000 Amazon customers were so impressed with this versatile vessel, they gave it a perfect rating.

"I bought an oil mister from a different brand that was constantly clogging, dripping and generally making a mess," shared a Flairosol fan. "I finally gave up and tried the Olivia oil mister, and man did it make a difference. First, one or two sprays absolutely coats a pan or veggies or whatever with your oil of choice ... and it has shown no signs of slowing down or clogging. The best part? It doesn't drip or make a mess. It's very easy to fill, and despite the plastic top not being the most sturdy thing I've ever seen, it seems durable enough."

"For health reasons, I decided to stop using commercial salad dressing and dress my salads with high-quality olive oil instead," explained a satisfied shopper. "Pouring the olive oil directly from the bottle or a cruet resulted in too much oil on the salad ... I searched Amazon and found this sprayer. It works perfectly. I spray four or five times on my salad and there is no waste. The salad also tastes better when it isn't drowning in oil or dressing. I love this sprayer."

"I’ve gone through many different sprayers before finding this gem," wrote a happy home cook. "Easy to use, perfect amount of spray … and it looks gorgeous!"

Who knew an oil-misting device could be so pretty?! Functional beauty, we love to see it. 

$23 at Amazon

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