Fixture Gaming S1 Grip for Nintendo Switch & Transport Carry Case

In this episode, we take a look at the Fixture Gaming S1 Grip for the Nintendo Switch and the New Transport case for it. Over the past 18 months, my favorite way to play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode has been with the Fixture Gaming S1 controller mount. This device allows you to mount your Nintendo Switch to a Pro Controller, and it is simply wonderful. It is well balanced, it's ergonomic, it allows you to use the best controller for the Switch, and it's simply works. The folks at Fixture Gaming have recently announced a new carry case designed to transport your Nintendo Switch, Pro controller, and S1 mount, and they were generous enough to send this one to check out. I would not classify the case as a hard case, but it's not a soft case either. The case itself is hard-ish, you can push down on it and it will deform slightly, but if you have something sitting on top of it like a notebook, it'll be just fine. Twin zippers keep the case shut, and inside there is a molded area for the Switch Pro Controller to sit, with the S1 mounted to it, and your Nintendo Switch. A flap in the middle of the case stores 10 different Nintendo Switch cartridges, and there is a large zippered pouch in the top of the case to store other accessories. When I first put the Switch, S1, and Pro Controller into the case, the case didn't exactly want to close. The springiness of the pouch on the top of the case provide some cushion, and likely holds your Switch in place without bouncing around. Unlike other cases, there are no elastic straps to hold your Switch in. I don't know that I would necessarily transport accessories in the pouch with the Switch, I would be a bit concerned that it would apply undue pressure to the display of the system. But as a standalone transport case, it's pretty darn good. It even fits if you are using the KMD Pro Controller in addition to the Switch Pro Controller from Nintendo. Why It RoX: - Beautiful molded channel to hold your Pro Controller - Zippered pouch to hold accessories - Fits the S1 like a glove - Hard style case protects your Switch while transporting it - Holds 10 cartridges What could be improved: - The fit on the Switch is a bit tight - No shoulder straps Should you buy one? I've said it before and I will say it again, the Fixture Gaming S1 is the definitively best way to play your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. It is comfortable, it is well designed, and it's simply works. Take that and now combine it with a nice carry case, and you have an amazing way to play and transport your Nintendo Switch on the go. I do wish there was a little bit more wiggle room to not place pressure on the Switch's display while in the case, and perhaps utilizing some sort of an elastic strap could have achieved the same thing and retained everything securely. As it is, this is definitely something I will be using now and into the future as we start to be able to travel yet again.