Here are the five states with the highest gas prices today

High inflation and Russia’s war in Ukraine have led to skyrocketing gas prices across the U.S. The average price for a gallon of gas in the country as of Tuesday was $4.17, according to AAA.

To combat the high prices, Maryland and Georgia paused state gas taxes, while President Biden announced he would release about 1 million barrels of oil from U.S. reserves each day for the next six months.

As of Tuesday, states with the highest gas prices are mainly concentrated in the upper east coast and the west coast, while Alaska and Hawaii also rank near the top.

Below are the five states that currently have the highest gas prices in the country, according to the latest data from AAA.


The average price per gallon of gas in California is $5.83, the highest in the U.S.

The state’s soaring gas prices are likely a result of high taxes and California’s reliance on in-state fuel lines or fuel shipments by boat or truck rather than inter-state pipelines, experts told The Hill.

Some of the highest gas prices in California are in the San Bernardino area, which is averaging about $5.91 for a gallon of gas, according to a chart from Gasbuddy.


Drivers in the pacific island state are paying an average of $5.22 for a gallon of gas.

The AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch said the average per gallon price is a record in the state. Analysts said Biden’s release of oil from the nation’s reserve likely won’t have much of an impact on the island nation’s oil supply, but could still help lower costs.

The island of Kauai has some of the highest prices in the state, with an average of $5.46 per gallon, per Gasbuddy.


Average prices in Nevada are the third-highest in the country, reaching $5.17 for a gallon of gas as of Tuesday.

Around tourist-centric Las Vegas, gas prices have leaped to $5.31, according to Gasbuddy.

Average prices in the state have climbed a dollar from $4.17 in early March.


Prices in Alaska have now reached $4.71 for a gallon of gas on average.

The highest prices in the state as of Tuesday were $4.83 per gallon in the borough of Valdez-Cordova, which is about 150 miles southeast of Anchorage.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) has called on President Biden to produce more oil at home to offset the high gas prices, accusing Biden of “begging for oil from dictatorships such as Iran and Venezuela.”

“We can produce it at home with the highest of standards for environmental protection, if you will simply let us,” he said in a release in early March.


Washington state ranks fifth for the average price of a gallon of gas, at $4.70.

The Seattle area is reporting an average of $4.91 per gallon, the highest in the state, according to Gasbuddy.

Washington has one of the highest gas taxes in the state and, like California, has a more limited supply infrastructure. The state does not produce any of its own crude oil or natural gas.

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