These five household items may be killing your broadband speeds

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Feel like you're not getting the same broadband speeds you used to receive? Well, even if you're paying a premium for your package and you're eligible to receive 1Gbps per second download speeds, you may find that certain items around your home are wreaking havoc with your internet signal and slowing things down.

So, if your broadband speeds are struggling, move these five objects away from your router. Believe it or not, such a small change could make a dramatic difference to the speeds you're receiving.


Generally speaking, your kitchen isn't the best place to have your Wi-Fi router. This is particularly the case if your router is placed somewhere close to a microwave.

Although these appliances are great for reheating meals quickly, they emit invisible signals that can harm your internet connection and slow down your download speeds.

In a recent email to its customers, Virgin Media echoed this view. The broadband giant said that 'kitchens are often home to heavy-duty metal appliances (think ovens, fridges and washing machines), as well as signal-emitting electronics like microwaves, making them a particularly inhospitable environment for your router.'


Good Wi-Fi connections and large mirrors simply aren't compatible. This is because mirrors usually contain a thin coat of metal, which can cause interference. So, if you have a particularly large wall-mounted mirror or a full length floor mirror near your router, it might be best to move it.

As a general rule, we suggest keeping all mirrors at least one meter away from your router.

TV cabinets

We understand that your router may not fit with your room's chosen colour scheme, or that you might find the flashing light annoying. Plus, minimalism is in right now.

However, even if you're searching for a showhome finish, you shouldn't tuck your router away inside a TV cabinet. This is because, to provide you with the best connection, your router must be off the floor and out in the open.

As a result, if you place it inside any wooden furniture, it won't have the space it needs to blast out signal. This means its performance will be hindered and you'll receive slower speeds.

Baby monitors and cordless phones

On top of this, some gadgets like baby monitors and cordless phones should be kept away from your Wi-Fi router. This is because these gadgets often use a similar type of signal. Ultimately, this means they can end up fighting for supremacy and your download speeds can suffer as a result.

Fish tanks

Finally, if you own any aquatic pets and have a fish tank, then you should make sure this is located in an area that's well away from your Wi-Fi router.

This is because, as the the signal from your router tries to pass through the water, it gets reflected in different directions. As a result, your download speeds can be greatly reduced.

Still struggling? Switch provider today

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