Five Below’s $5 Bento Box Is Perfect for Work Lunches

<span>Credit: Eric Glenn /</span> <span class="copyright">Credit: Eric Glenn /</span>
Credit: Eric Glenn / Credit: Eric Glenn /

If you’ve landed on the side of TikTok that’s filled with people packing intricate lunches, you’ll understand the appeal of purchasing a bento box. There are tons of videos to scroll through of people creating a variety of perfectly-proportioned meals that look straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie, like this one from TikToker @bienbento.

And while no product can ensure that your sandwich, chips, or whatever else you pack look straight out of a movie, Five Below’s $5 bento boxes will get you really close. They include a set of cutlery, and there are four different colors to choose from: pink, blue, gray, and purple. They can easily slide inside any size tote bag, and there will probably still be room for other items. The three compartments of each box are leak-proof, and provide peace of mind to prevent any food mixing (unless it’s the perfect combination of macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes, of course).

Large Bento Box With Utensils
Large Bento Box With Utensils

The product is BPA-safe and microwave-safe, and there won’t be any issue with tossing this in your dishwasher once you’re finished using it. For the price, you can buy all four colors for less than $20, which is extremely convenient for meal prepping. 

In case you’re unable to find the bento box at your local Five Below, Target’s Figmint bento box is pretty popular for its size and quality, and its sage green shade is too cute. Meal prepping and planning your weekly lunch won’t be so daunting anymore!