Fitness Blogger Lets Her Belly Rolls Show, to the Delight of Fans

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, the fitness bloggers you follow for a dose of motivation can often feel more discouraging. With perfect six-packs, cellulite-free skin, and zero bloat all day, these superhumans convince us that if we just ate a little “cleaner” or exercised a little bit more, we too would be immune to the insults of poor lighting, ill-fitting clothes, and bad angles.

But one fitness blogger has set out to let us know that nobody’s perfect — and that even her stomach has rolls when she sits down. In a recent Facebook post, Ashlie Molstad shared side-by-side photos: one of herself looking svelte as usual and another of her seated, with belly rolls.

Photo: Facebook/Ashlie Molstad
Photo: Facebook/Ashlie Molstad

“Same girl. Different angles,” she wrote to her 63,000 followers on Nov. 11. “If I’m going to show you the posed, put-together, professional sides of me, I’m gonna make damn sure you see the not-so-flattering sides too. Because, contrary to what society has taught us to think, our worth isn’t measured by how many belly rolls we have, or how many dimples on our booty, or how much jiggle hangs out on our arms.” In the post, which has been shared more than 59,000 times, she called out the bloggers who perpetuate the idea of perfectionism. “Loving ourselves exactly as we are is hard. Because we’ve been told for years that we’re not good enough until we [insert any of the thousands of ideas of perfection that has been fed to us over the years]. But I call BS. I say that the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.”

Molstad said that she was scared to post the photos but knew how important it was. “I know it was a message that people needed to hear,” she told Us Weekly. “When I share my struggles publicly, it helps me realize I am not alone, it helps other people realize that they are not alone, and, because there is strength in numbers, it helps us all heal a little bit, together.”

Molstad isn’t the first blogger to show us how deceiving and well crafted a fitness blog can be. Read on for the inspiring women who bring blogging down to earth.

Jessica Pack
One blogger showed the power of great lighting after receiving questions about how she got rid of her cellulite.

Yesterday I got many questions asking how I got rid of cellulite and I just wanted to share that I still have cellulite! These pics are SIX days apart!! It's not a progress photo! I mentioned this in my caption yesterday. I was in really favorable lighting at the time of my recent photo that didn't make cellulite as apparent. Yes my cellulite has diminished significantly, but it is still there!❗️LIGHTING MATTERS!! It is absolutely key in how the image quality turns out. BUT here's the most important thing ☝????️ regardless of lighting and how I look or what shows or doesn't show, I do not think any less of myself!! I used to criticize myself for having cellulite but now I'm just like it is what it is. I shouldn't even care because it doesn't define my worth. If anything, they are beauty marks reminding me of lovely late night conversations with friends while having pizza, both which nourish the soul ???? I care even less in this instance because cellulite is so very common and such a natural human characteristic! You are not your cellulite and you are not your flaws! #uncoverediamnotmyflaws because we all are flawed and that's what makes us unique individuals. There is a beautiful vulnerability to being flawed so just embraced the imperfect YOU! Today I am starting a body positive series I am calling #uncoverediam ???? join the conversation in learning to love and appreciate yourselves in a positive manner. Tag me so I can see your posts and use hashtags #uncoverediam (and mention a positive word like "smart" or "strong" or "persistent") and #pizzaplankbopo ????It's time we remove the metaphorical cover ups that hinder us from being truly seen!! So rock that bikini and let your natural beauty shine through and realize uncovered you are FAR more than what your body portrays. You are imperfect. You are important. You are human. You matter ❤️ Uncovered, WHO. ARE. YOU?!

A photo posted by Jess (@plankingforpizza) on Oct 12, 2016 at 9:17am PDT

Hailey Bettencourt
Even fitness bloggers get bloated.

Jess Rae King
This curvy model proved what a booty pop can do for your shape.

Anna Victoria
Nobody is immune to a belly roll.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see so many women taking a stand and daring to show their so-called "imperfections" which actually aren't anywhere near imperfect. They are human, they are normal, and they are beautiful. In the time since I began sharing my own "belly rolls" pictures, I have received a variety of responses, some of which were negative and downright mean. While those people may think these types of images are pointless and do nothing to help young girls, I can say for sure they don't hurt any more than the perfectly photoshopped images you see in the media practically everywhere you turn. These pictures can't possibly do any more damage than what is already done so why not try and help by showing what is REAL? To the many young girls struggling with body image, THESE images help show them just how beautiful they are, that they don't need to go to extreme measures to get that little last bit of fat off their bodies in order to meet society's impossible beauty standards, and last but not least, that we can love our bodies even if we're NOT totally happy. We can love our bodies and want to change, want to improve. Dissatisfaction with one's self does not need to equal self-hate. And I see nothing here that would warrant hatred from any side. All you ladies are beautiful and strong. Thank you for taking part in this movement, for being transparent, courageous, and standing with me to make a difference ???????????? Who else is with me?? ???? #fbggirls

A photo posted by Anna Victoria (@annavictoria) on Jun 12, 2016 at 2:31pm PDT

Emily Skye
Six-packs are almost always flexed.

Tiffany Brien
“No I’m not 6 months pregnant. It’s just my food baby. These two photos are 12 hours apart, left before bed and right when I woke up.”

(Photo: Facebook/Tiffany Brien)
(Photo: Facebook/Tiffany Brien)

Sophie Kay
These photos were taken minutes apart.

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