First-time mom turns negative ‘just wait until’ parenting advice into positive experiences

Anyone who’s ever brought home a new baby has been on the receiving end of all that annoying “just wait until… ” advice.

“You think you’re tired now? Just wait until they’re teething!”

“You think the newborn phase is hard? Just wait until you have a toddler!”

It usually comes from a veteran parent who appears to mean well but ultimately dismisses whatever stage of parenthood you’re going through now. More often than not, their so-called “advice” only serves to get under your skin and make the future seem rather bleak.

As a first-time mom, TikToker Celeste (@celangelica) has heard it all. But instead of listening to all the negatives that parenthood can bring, she’s trying to focus on the positives ahead of her.

In one of her recent TikToks, Celeste hopped on a new trend of turning all that “just wait until” advice into things mamas can actually look forward to — and it’s both heartwarming and reassuring.

“‘Just wait until,’ but make it positive experiences,” the video text reads, as images play showing Celeste bonding with her newborn.

“just wait until you meet your baby for the first time,” the video continues. “just wait until you feed them for the first time. (breastfed or formula). just wait until you bring them home for the first time.”

Instead of talking about sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and kids talking back, Celeste reminds new mamas of all the feel-good moments coming their way: first baths, first contact naps, first smiles and first dances with them in your arms.

“not sure who came up with this trend originally, but i love it,” Celeste later wrote in her post caption. “there are so many negative ‘just wait until’ comments on social media & IRL. Motherhood is beautiful despite its many challenges. Stay positive mamas.”

In the comments, many new moms and moms-to-be thanked her for putting a refreshingly positive spin on the whole thing.

“This made me cry,” one user shared. “I’m feeling so overwhelmed FTM. Due in June. Thank you for sharing.”

“I love this …,” added someone else. “I’m 20 weeks and all I see are negatives … this was so peaceful and assuring.”

In fact, many moms said that constantly hearing all the downsides to motherhood played a big role in their own journeys.

“Omgggg. I got those comments too and I remember they always rubbed me the wrong way,” one mom shared. “It was discouraging and seemed like ppl wanted it to be hard.”

At the same time, some moms also chimed in with other positive “just wait until” moments.

“Just wait until you hear their first giggles,” one mama wrote. “soo cute.”

“Just wait until their little hand wraps around your finger,” said another.

“Just wait until you get your first hug,” a third mama said.

(BRB, need to grab some tissues.)

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