The First Reactions For "The Little Mermaid" Are In, So Here's What Everyone Is Saying About The New Movie

We're less than a month away before Disney's The Little Mermaid hits theaters, and it's already one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the summer.

The Little Mermaid poster featuring Ariel sitting on the ocean floor and looking up at the surface

Directed by Rob Marshall with a screenplay by David Magee, The Little Mermaid is the live-action adaptation of the classic Disney animated movie we all know and love.

Ariel sings as she lies on a rock formation

This version stars Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Jonah Hauer-King, Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina, Jacob Tremblay, Noma Dumezweni, Art Malik, and many more.

Screenshot from "The Little Mermaid"
Giles Keyte / Disney

While we've been talking about the movie for what feels like YEARS, last night was finally the world premiere in Los Angeles, which means the first reactions to The Little Mermaid are rolling in.

Halle Bailey at the premiere of "The Little Mermaid"
Frazer Harrison / WireImage / Getty Images

And, I am so happy to report that everyone seems unanimous in saying this is one of the best live-action remakes for Disney, particularly because of Halle's sheer Disney princess star power as Ariel.

Screenshot from "The Little Mermaid"

So, I've rounded up some of the best first reactions to The Little Mermaid so far, so you can get excited for this truly magical Disney movie:

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My favorite part of #TheLittleMermaid was when the audience at my screening spontaneously broke out into applause after Halle Bailey’s rendition of “Part of Your World” and I hope you all have that experience

— Zoë Rose Bryant (@ZoeRoseBryant) May 9, 2023

Zoe Rose Bryant / Disney / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


I was blown away by #TheLittleMermaid. Some visual issues aside, it’s the most romantic and, dare I say, magical Disney has been in years. The best live-action remake by a mile. Daveed Diggs is the MVP. Halle Bailey is a superstar, and her Part of Your World is a showstopper.

— Brandon Lewis (@blewis1103) May 9, 2023

Brandon Lewis / Disney / Via Twitter: @blewis1103


#TheLittleMermaid is a tribute to all little girls to dream big. Halle Bailey is sheer magic and Daveed Diggs a delight as Sebastian.

— Kathia Woods (@kathia_woods) May 9, 2023

Kathia Woods / Disney / Via Twitter: @kathia_woods


.@HalleBailey was born to play Ariel. Her siren vocals alongside her gentle and confident charisma aid for a knockout performance in #TheLittleMermaid. She is the embodiment of a Disney princess and brown skinned girls will dare to dream bigger because of her portrayal. 🐚🤎

— 𝔪𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔠𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔯 (@WrittenByTerry) May 9, 2023

Terry Carter / Disney / Via Twitter: @WrittenByTerry


I got to see #TheLittleMermaid!@HalleBailey is magnificent as Ariel. She’s radiant, charming & every bit a Disney princess. Bailey absolutely nails every musical number & carries the very entertaining film. 🧵

— POC Culture (@POCculture) May 9, 2023

@POCculture / Disney / Via Twitter: @POCculture


#TheLittleMermaid is the best Disney live-action adaptation to date. Halle Bailey IS Ariel. Major props to the sound effects team. Good changes, though one new song with too much autotune. Could watch this version’s Under the Sea all day, it was the highlight of the whole thing.

— Gillian Blum (@GillianBlum) May 9, 2023

Gillian Blum / Via Twitter: @GillianBlum


#TheLittleMermaid  is the best live-action Disney remake in years. Perfect blend of humor, heart, and action with an epic third act that doesn’t devolve into CGI mush. Halle Bailey is a legend.

— stephen (@dialofdestiny) May 9, 2023

@dialofdestiny / Disney / Via Twitter: @dialofdestiny


okay #thelittlemermaid  was the most fun ive had at the movies in a while — I felt like a kid again and that’s such a high compliment. halle bailey is perfect, daveed diggs as sebastian is a hilarious mvp, and i wanna see this movie 100 more times

— Nora Dominick (@noradominick) May 9, 2023

Nora Dominick / Disney / Via Twitter: @noradominick


#TheLittleMermaid was an ABSOLUTE gem! @HalleBailey IS Ariel, no matter what anyone says. She brings in the charm and personality of Ariel to life.Melissa McCarthy as Ursula was just *chef kiss*. This film was such a joy to experience.

— Stephanie Ramirez (@SweetnShy13) May 9, 2023

Stephanie Ramirez / Disney / Via Twitter: @SweetnShy13


#TheLittleMermaid is STUNNING! @HalleBailey SHINES as Ariel. Jonah Hauer-King's Eric is charming. Melissa McCarthy's Ursula is wicked. Daveed Diggs' Sebastian is a standout! This is the Disney live-action remake to watch. Full review coming to @AgentsFandom very soon!

— aisha ✵ ‎⧗ (@evanslarsons) May 9, 2023

@evanslarson / Disney / Via Twitter: @evanslarsons


#TheLittleMermaid makes it pretty close to being the best live action Disney movie, however it still struggles in the villain department. Halle Bailey IS Ariel and I had literal chills throughout her performance. This is a little mermaid retelling like you’ve never seen before.

— Felicia (@becomingfelicia) May 9, 2023

@becomingfelicia / Disney / Via Twitter: @becomingfelicia


there aren't very many movies that have made me feel so giddy and smiley for over two hours straight, but #TheLittleMermaid is *that movie*from halle bailey and jonah hauer-king's palpable chemistry, to daveed diggs' flawless portrayal of sebastian — i LOOOVED this movie

— lauren garafano✨ (@laurengarafano) May 9, 2023

Lauren Garafano / Disney / Via Twitter: @laurengarafano


#TheLittleMermaid really surprised me. It's my favorite Disney live-action remake by far. (Not saying much I know.) Halle Bailey's voice is phenomenal, and Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric is charming. The rest of the cast is solid. The animals still look creepy but grew on me.

— John Nguyen (@JohnSpartan300) May 9, 2023

John Nguyen / Disney / Via Twitter: @JohnSpartan300


#TheLittleMermaid can be an enchanting reimagining that expands upon the story of the animated original with modern themes. It’s romantic and full of musical joy, even if it’s slightly overstuffed. If anything, Halle Bailey carries the film entire film with her performance.

— Michael Lee (@IamMichaelJLee) May 9, 2023

Michael Lee / Disney / Via Twitter: @IamMichaelJLee


Halle Bailey IS #TheLittleMermaid. An angelic voice, the longing in her eyes, the chemistry with Jonah Hauer-King. She’s flawless. The movie overall isn’t but there’s more than enough charm, heart and adventure there to power it forward.Melissa McCarthy is a deliciously…

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) May 9, 2023

Perri Nemiroff / Disney / Via Twitter: @PNemiroff


Get ready to be swept away, because #TheLittleMermaid is actually quite wonderful. Halle Bailey is amazing, Melissa McCarthy rocks & Jonah Hauer-King is delightful as Prince Eric. Music & singing are aces. Adored the Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) & Scuttle (Awkwafina) banter duo.

— Fico (@FicoCangiano) May 9, 2023

@FicoCangiano / Disney / Via Twitter: @FicoCangiano


#TheLittleMermaid captures the magic of the original animated movie. Halle Bailey makes Ariel her own. Her chemistry with Jonah Hauer-King makes this movie soar. Daveed Diggs’ Sebastian is a scene stealer!

— Meredith Loftus 🐘 (@MeredithLoftus) May 9, 2023

Meredith Loftus / Disney / Via Twitter: @MeredithLoftus


Halle Bailey makes #TheLittleMermaid soar and sing. She’s our new Ariel in her breakthrough performance that defines this generation’s Disney Princess. She’s the best yet!

— Sabina Graves (@SabinaHasNoR) May 9, 2023

Sabina Graves / Via Twitter: @SabinaHasNoR


Disney’s #TheLittleMermaid is definitely one of the better live-action adaptions. Halle Bailey pours incredible emotion into Ariel and I got chills watching her, while Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula and Daveed Diggs’ Sebastian steal scenes all day.

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) May 9, 2023

Erik Davis / Via Twitter: @ErikDavis


#TheLittleMermaid: Charming, but incredibly spotty. Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy & Javier Bardem put their heart & souls into a film that can’t escape its animated legacy. Best when it leans into campy bonkers, yet limits its fantasy elements for no reason.

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) May 9, 2023

Courtney Howard / Disney / Via Twitter: @Lulamaybelle

In conclusion:

EVERY SINGLE review about #TheLittleMermaid being POSITIVE. yeah this is how we win.

— fay (@korysstar) May 9, 2023

@korysstar / Disney / Via Twitter: @korysstar

The Little Mermaid hits theaters on May 26.