First Listen: Michelle Obama and Conan O'Brien Open Up About Their Marriages on 'The Michelle Obama Podcast'

Brady Langmann
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Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI - Getty Images
Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI - Getty Images

From Esquire

The Michelle Obama Podcast is already five episodes in— and the former First Lady has already had quite a few public figures open up about things we’ve hardly heard them discuss on such a massive platform before. There’s journalist Michele Norris, Dr. Sharon Malone, and of course, Obama's husband, former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Next up? In the next episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, which drops Wednesday morning at 5 a.m., Obama interviews a man with a pretty popular podcast himself—comedian Conan O’Brien. In an exclusive clip from the new episode, called My Gravity, Obama and O’Brien talk about the importance of having a spouse who doesn’t fawn over you, when you’re a celebrity—or even treat you like one.

Listen to the exclusive preview of Wednesday's episode here

“I've had the experience of doing a week of shows at the Chicago Theater and I walk out every night and there's lines around the block… and then walking into a room with my wife, and she's not having any of it,” O’Brien says. “I find it to be life saving… the fact that, that, your husband has this relationship with you, and with your daughters, where you guys are not saluting him. In fact, You're trying to push him out a window occasionally.”

“Right, he is the butt of every joke at the table,” Obama quips back.

You might be used to O’Brien in his goofy, one-joke-per-10-seconds mode you’ll usually find him in during one of his Conan remotes. So it’s a refreshing change of pace to hear him be a little more meditative (but of course, still a riot) with Obama. In the rest of the episode, Obama and O’Brien talk about what it means to have gravity in your home life, from both your wife and children.

“I could go out in front of an audience and have an amazing transcendent experience, where people are bowing to me and saying that was so... and not that this has ever happened, but, like, Wow, a great experience,” O’Brien says. "And then I can walk into this room, and these people are my gravity. They're saying, ‘No, we know you, we've seen you be, really unfunny, at the breakfast table.’”

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