Firefighters Battle Two Fronts: Flames and COVID-19

‘COVID-19 has definitely thrown us a curve ball’ — Firefighters are being forced to reassess how to battle wildfires in the Western U.S. amid a drastic spike in coronavirus cases

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In US news and current events today, firefighters across the Western US are fighting a battle on two fronts: Working to suppress the rash of wildfires spinning out of control in the West, while also battling a spike of COVID-19 cases in the same area. The COVID 19 pandemic has also made life difficult for firefighters battling 2020 wildfires. Between the wildfires 2020 and the COVID19 pandemic, these firefighters can't seem to catch a break, but as California wildfire and California wildfires continue to grow out of control, we must remember that they are a direct result of the global climate crisis, and as global climate change continues unabated, we will see far worse consequences than wildefires and COVID combined.

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