Finding Their Balance: Skateboarder And Highline Walker Do Insane Doubles Trick on Vert Ramp

Alright...this is interesting, to put it very lightly. Is it necessary? I have no idea. Was it extremely fun and entertaining to watch, and unarguably insane in the grand scheme of things? Absolutely.

Rony Gomes and Vini Cauhy had one helluva session this day, blending together skateboarding and highline walking (I think that's what it's called?) in a way that oddly makes sense.

I'm blown away, first and foremost. I mean, no matter how you look at it, this is no simple feat. Both of these dudes are extremely talented, clearly cool under pressure, and certainly blew some minds in the process of it all. My main question is who the hell thought of this?

If the video above wasn't enough, don't trip—there's more. The session continued and Rony was on fire while Vinicius somehow kept his balance (on his hands and feet).

Rony writes, "Balance is everything" and I'd say he summed it up in three simple words absolutely perfectly.

This definitely isn't something you see every day. (Honestly, I've never seen anything like this, ha!) But I respect these two for making it happen. What's the point of any of this if you aren't having fun? Their smiles say it all. Rad.

Video / @ronygomes @vinicius_cahuey

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