We Finally Know How Much Her late Majesty’s Funeral Cost

 Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Facts and figures are coming in as to how much Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral cost last September, and the U.K.’s Treasury department announced that the state occasion cost an estimated £167.1 million, which equates to roughly $204 million, Us Weekly reports.

“The government’s priorities were that these events ran smoothly and with the appropriate level of dignity, while at all times ensuring the safety and security of the public,” said John Glen, the chief secretary of the Treasury, in a written statement to Parliament, per Reuters.

The Home Office, which takes responsibility for policing and national security matters, covered the largest portion of the funeral costs and paid £73.7 million, Us Weekly reports.

After her death on September 8, there was an 11-day mourning period before her funeral on September 19. London’s Metropolitan Police said at the time her funeral was the biggest policing event in history, as dignitaries from across the world were in attendance.

We continue to miss you, Your Majesty.