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Final thoughts on the last dance, interview with Jon Weinbach, and KD continues to get hated on.

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LAJETHRO JENKINS: --said hey, I'm Michael Jordan. I'm ordering a pizza. Everybody knew he was getting a pizza.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: How come MJ didn't just order some Domino's or some Pizza Hut? Order some reliable, reputable pizza, MJ.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Welcome to "Dunk Bait," where we talk mostly basketball. Today we're talking Bob Meyers and the 2018 Warriors, Spencer Dinwiddie is crowd sourcing his free agency. Josiah sits down with Jon Weinbach, and we talk the last couple episodes of "Last Dance." Y'all watch that Luda/Nelly stuff yesterday, the--

ZACH SCHWARTZ: I did not. I was a little skeptical.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: All of St. Louis was mad at Nelly yesterday.



JOSIAH JOHNSON: I need Nelly apologizing for that output.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: He played some joints. And I was like, what?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: You could see Luda's face, and it was just like, damn, this is trash. There's 400,000 people watching right now. And you're getting served.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: All right, so we got the final episodes of "The Last Dance." They got into it a little bit about the flu game that wasn't a flu game situation, I guess, poisoned the pizza?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Sacramento fans know about that. They did that to Kobe. They did that to Mamba in the '02 playoffs. They always want to point fingers.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: How come MJ didn't just order some Domino's or some Pizza Hut?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I've never heard of anybody getting food poisoning from pizza, too. A lot of this seems a little questionable. He was sick. We know that. What it was from? I don't know if we are certain about that. As far as, like, the GOAT conversations, Josiah, do you have anything to say on this?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: No. He already said it.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I knew it. I said, look, MJ-- I need an MJ level, you know, second-greatest player of all time, GOAT-level type meme. So I said I really had to dip into the bag, then to just really saving it at the end for Kareem fans, who was the one true GOAT for anybody who really knows basketball.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: The doc succeeded so much in showing all those guys around Mike, too, like, telling that Kerr story, telling the Rodman stories.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: It really makes you just sick, though, thinking about, you know, how-- how that team wasn't able to try and go for a four-peat.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: That series against the Pacers, the way that it went in the finals, I just don't think that they're winning another title. I think they could have gotten close.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I think they could have won. But I just don't think you get all those pieces together again.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: So what-- what do we watch now that this is over?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Some "Outer Banks" on Netflix, even though it's whatever.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: "Ozark" was great. Maybe I'll run that back. I don't know.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: "Solar Opposites," great, "Dave," great. Watch "Dave." If you haven't seen "Dave" yet, watch "Dave."

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Is "The Wire" the best show ever?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: It might be.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Some would argue that. Here with legendary producer Jon Weinbach. He was a producer on "The Last Dance," here to offer some-- some-- some inside info to, you know, the greatest doc that the 'rona has ever seen. How hard was it for you and your team to get that doc ready to go-- I know it was slated to go out in June-- to get it ready for a April release date?

JON WEINBACH: The reality is, is the guys in New York, I mean, like, Jason Hehir, the director, [INAUDIBLE], [INAUDIBLE], Matt Maxson, [INAUDIBLE], who did all the archival, and, like, this incredible team of editors, I mean, they pulled off a miracle. I mean, we had to move all of the footage, basically clone it five times for each of the editors to be working on remotely. Jason was editing. I mean, it's crazy.

The last-- you have to understand, the last interview we did was the Stockton interview. I was actually going to-- Jason couldn't go and like-- because we couldn't-- he couldn't run the risk of being sick. Remember, it was in Spokane, Washington. It was the heart of the coronavirus at the time. So we sent a producer from Seattle. But, like, that's how recently we were working.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: How great is it for you now to be at the finish line? It's kind of your last dance to celebrate this moment.

JON WEINBACH: It's incredible. It's surreal. I mean, one, A, that we finished after, like, this four-plus year journey that, you know, Mike Tollin, who's my partner, who's the executive producer of the show, who got Michael to say yes, it's been since February of 2016. And then to have it land now is very special, also because the whole world is watching, because they're watching on Netflix outside the United States. And it's going to be on Netflix here in, you know, July. So it's happening at the same time globally. Like, you did pray to have a project that would get a third of this attention.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Obviously, we're both LA guys. You grew up a Laker fan. I know you were a big Magic guy growing up. So what were your feelings towards MJ going into the project? And then, you know, did they change at all after working with him and kind of the aftermath?

JON WEINBACH: Well, the interesting thing is, like, I-- look, I-- I'm a massive, diehard Laker fan. I went to the '91 finals. I went to game 4. I-- you know, I hated the Bulls when, you know-- they-- when the beat the Lakers. But I always had this appreciation for Jordan, even though I-- you know, it's funny. Like, I could never fit into Nikes, so I never had Air Jordans. Like, I never had Nikes.

My appreciation for Jordan was from '84. So I went-- it's one of my earliest memories. I went with my dad to the US Olympic games, the basketball games at the Forum, and Jordan was on the team. And it was like he was unbelievable. I remember it was a vivid thing. My dad was like, how did North Carolina not win more championships with this guy, than him and Sam Perkins?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Jon, man, I just want to thank you again for blessing us, helping us get through this 'rona pandemic. I don't know what we're going to do. Now everybody's kind of going to figure it out.

JON WEINBACH: Well, no. Thanks for having me on.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: So Spencer Dinwiddie is crowd sourcing his free agency. He's doing a GoFund me to get to a certain point to allow fans to choose his next free agency spot. How do y'all feel about that?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I think a lot of people, when they first heard this thing break, they thought that this dude was trying to be greedy or whatever. But I think he has great intentions. I don't think he thinks he's gonna hit that 25 point-- $24.5 target of bitcoin that he's going for. And if he doesn't hit that, the money's getting donated to charity.

But I love seeing dudes like this being innovative. I believe, you know, the NBA's innovative. It's all about innovation. And I think he was getting a lot of-- he was getting clowned by a lot of dudes. But Dinwiddie's got more bread than a lot of dudes that we're clowning him. So he could call them all broke [BLEEP], you know, just to be frank.


And there's nothing could say or do about it.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: It is-- it's a little odd. I also, like-- if I'm friends with Dinwiddie, I want to make sure that there's like a lot of-- it's real tight, the way that he wrote that. Like, did he leave it open to where, like, the Shanghai Sharks could suddenly go in there with a huge donation, and all of a sudden, he's got to go play there?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I don't see him saying, like, hey, you have to retire allowing people to have that much control. There's going to be some rules, for sure. And he says, like, shoe companies aren't and endorse-- and endorsers influence, like, team decisions and stuff. So, like, you know, he wants the fans to. I mean, I respect that. You know what I mean? Like, the people that-- that-- that root him on, you know, then-- you know, are the reason why these players get so much money. You know what I'm saying?

Giving them-- give them a chance to, like, make some decisions. I think that's fine here. I mean, that's-- he's-- he always thinks differently. He has his own shoe. You know what I'm saying? Be a designer and stuff like that, I respect [INAUDIBLE] Dinwiddie. Like, he's always looking outside of the box. And I think, like, you know, that-- that's-- there's a level of brilliance to this.

Bob Myers has a interesting comment about the 2018 Warriors with KD, saying, you know, what-- he didn't enjoy it as much. It was just like that-- that's what they were supposed to do. You know what I'm saying? What do y'all think about that?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Yeah, I think it's a little weird. Like, you won a title. You're kind of, like, you owe him for winning that title. Like, LeBron was gonna get that done, and why are you doing this, you know. I don't know.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: That's why I call [BLEEP]. Because y'all talk so much about KD, like KD wasn't the best player in the world in 2017 and during that series. You know what I'm saying? He was the best player on that team in 2018. He has two Finals MVP. And the guy that y'all are swinging off of has zero.


OK? And there's a reason behind that.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I said, it's the most baffling, like, disrespectful-- like KD saved the Warriors franchise. I know delusional Warriors fans were under the impression that after LeBron smacked that 73-and-9 team, that they were gonna come back with some heat. No, you came back with KD. Stop it. The dude is the best player in Warriors' history, two finals MVPs, kept your franchise relevant. And you saw what happened 2019 when he went down.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I understand why you love your boy Curry. I get it. I understand that. But we cannot act like the reason that y'all getting-- [INAUDIBLE] last season wasn't KD. You know what I'm saying? He was obviously the best player. And it's just so crazy how y'all continue to [BLEEP] on that man. You know what I'm saying? I've never seen a player come and give more to a-- to a-- to a franchise and get less. It's ridiculous how y'all treat somebody who gave y'all so much, bro!

Anyway, that's "Dunk Bait." I'm LaJethro Jenkins.


ZACH SCHWARTZ: I'm Zach Schwartz. Stay safe. Watch "Dave."