A New Film Studio Is Coming to Space by 2024

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The Space Entertainment Enterprise (S.E.E.) promises to bring a film studio to space by 2024. The company is currently working on Tom Cruise's next space film and plans to launch both a production studio and sports arena in outer space within the decade.

Variety has reported that S.E.E. has unveiled official plans to build a zero-gravity station that includes an entertainment and athletics arena. Named the SEE-1 the space module is set to host different events across genres including film, television, sports and music events as well as hold creative content studios for artists and producers to make in space. Facilities for the content portion of the studio will allow for production, recording, broadcasting, development and livestreaming, which is all in line with S.E.E.'s goal of producing and hosting its own content and events.

In January 2020, NASA approved Axiom Space to build a commercial portion of the International Space Station (ISS). Axiom Space aid in the construction of SEE-1, where the module is set to dock on the commercial arm of the station. Axiom Station will be hosting various commercial ventures including space tourism. Axiom's chief engineer Dr. Michael Baine elaborated on the use of SEE-1 stating, "The inflatable module design provides for around six meters diameter of unobstructed pressurized volume, which can be adapted to a range of activities — including an onboard state-of-the-art media production capability that will capture and convey the experience of weightlessness with breathtaking impact."

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