Can figuring out your moon phase help you find a soulmate? TikTok thinks so

A new TikTok trend claims to help find your soulmate in a few easy steps, and it’s safe to say people are obsessed.

First, users determine what their “moon phase” is by plugging their birth date into a moon phase calculator and finding a corresponding image of what the moon looked like on that day via Google. Then, they repeat the process, using the birthdate of their crush/partner/significant other.

Next, using a template on CapCut, they combine the two images to see if they form a completely full moon. If so, then voila — they’ve found their soulmate!

Obviously, there’s no scientific evidence that actually backs this up, and the trend is mainly just for fun. But that hasn’t stopped TikTokers from creating a ton of their own “missing piece” moon phase videos.

A lot of them don’t actually show two perfect soulmates, either. In fact, many people lament how their moon phases don’t appear to match up at all with their partner.

The videos have attracted millions of views and a ton of comments from people who either love the trend or kind of love to hate it.

“this is so cute!” wrote one TikToker after seeing another person’s moon phase video. “I just did this! my fiance is 0% and I’m 100%. so basically I’m the moon of his existence.”

“Divorced my wife of 30 years because our moons didn’t fit,” someone else joked.

“Y’all think that’s cool, my husband is missing a brain and I have one so how’s that for completing him,” another person said sarcastically.

Regardless, people are still having fun with it.

For those who haven’t tried it and are looking for a more in-depth tutorial, this one by @tristeeshae gives a full breakdown of one way it’s done:

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