Fiercely protective 'nanny dog' won't let baby climb the stairs: 'We don't deserve dogs'

A dutiful dog has gone viral for protecting her baby human, and TikTokers are swooning. When mom and TikToker Hannah Searfoss (@hsearfoss) uploaded the touching footage, she shockingly gained over 16 million views and 26 thousand comments. In the video, we see Lisa, a 5-month-old Great Dane, stretched over her family's home stairs. Trying to get around her is little Elliot, the curious baby determined to scale those same stairs. But Lisa, the "nanny dog," as Hannah refers to her in the video's caption, refuses to let Elliot pass, even using her paw to gently redirect the baby. In the end, Lisa's vigilance and determination pay off, and Elliot crawls away from the stairs, defeated. Even celebrities couldn't resist commenting on the sweet video!. "They really are amazing, aren’t they," wrote famous actor Kevin Bacon