Feral Cat Befriends Senior Terrier and Sweetly Requests Daily Playdates

It's so charming when two animals for whatever reason decide they belong to each other. Especially when they have never lived in the same home together.

Check out the following sweet video posted by TikTok user @Bitesizedvetguides  of a very special cat that has decided to become besties with her senior Terrier. It's too adorable to watch!

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Bite Sized Vet Guides explains in the video, "Seriously, this young feral cat and little senior terrier make the cutest couple! The cat waits for us every morning and comes with us on walks."

TikTok users are adoring this unlikely duo and @Kat says, "OMG they have coordinated outfits! They’re too cute." Seriously, do they call each other before getting dressed in the morning? LOL. @MiMi comments, "This is the cutest couple of besties EVER! I hope they have the longest happiest lives together." @Carla says, "Cat identifies as dog or dog as cat. Either way, sweetest thing ever." @Diva says, "These two have known each over many past lives, doing this love dance in countless forms. So glad they found each other again in this reincarnation."

The creator address the comments that say they should keep the cat, with "I'd make him a house cat but I have a senior cat who would NOT tolerate that. You have to know your limits when introducing animals, and the number of pets as well as the age, temperament, exercise requirements and available space are all important factors!" They also explain that the cat is indeed feral, with "Took me over a year to trap and neuter him. He tamed down significantly since then but still won't let anyone but me near him."

We just love the relationship between these two and we hope they have many more walks together in their future!

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