I Feel So Very Seen by Kendall Jenner's Labor Day Weekend Hairstyle

Despite my best intentions to, you know, style my hair for the long holiday weekend, the weather had other plans: hot, humid and way too sticky to deal with my Dyson Airwrap. Thankfully Kendall Jenner was right there with me, and I feel very seen by the fact that both of us spent Labor Day weekend with our hair pulled back in a good old-fashioned claw clip.

Of course, our LDW plans were a bit different; I spent mine at the playground with my toddler, and Jenner spent hers in a priceless vintage '50s convertible with her stunning pet Doberman riding in the back. To keep her subtle ombré hair off her face and neck on a sunny summer day, Jenner opted for the classic claw clip, simply pulling it up and back and clipping it away like NBD. Of course, since she's a supermodel and a member of the Royal Family of Reality TV, Jenner's claw clip updo is perfectly messy and undone, with a few pieces pulled out to frame her face just so, even though it's obvious she DIYed her day-off style and didn't ask one of the many pro stylists at her beck and call for help. It just looks picturesque because she's Kendall Jenner, simple as that. "I look gorgeous and I didn't even try" is her brand.

That being said, the humble claw clip does make a '90s-style twist beyond easy, even for slightly-less-glamorous folks like me. Jenner leaned into the casual vibes of the clip with her effortless updo; while we can't get a good look at her face in either pic, it appears that she skipped the makeup and full glam routine in favor of something more low-key.

The claw clip has had a welcome revival thanks to our obsession with all things '90s and Y2K, and celebs are feeling the handy accessory too. Jenner isn't alone in her love for the clip; Jennifer Lopez recently wore one placed high up in her hair and ended up creating faux-bangs in the process. Saweetie, too, put the claw clip to work to keep her hair out of the water for a glam bubble bath, further proving its usefulness. If you haven't revisited the claw clip since your junior high days, take it from me and my celebrity friends — it's absolutely worth a spot in your hairstyling drawer.

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