How Do You Feel About Harry Styles' New Mustache

Kori Williams
Photo credit: Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images

From Seventeen

  • Harry Styles has debuted some new facial hair just in time for One Direction's 10th anniversary.

  • Some fans love it, but some aren't here for it.

I would think we as a whole have learned that mustaches aren't a fan favorite. Justin Bieber basically confirmed this when he sported his own 'stache. But Harry Styles has been all about doing what he wants and he's decided to show off a mustache of his own just in time for One Direction's 10th anniversary.

Harry's new facial hair has divided his fan base. Some fans are all about his new look.

Others are hoping he will shave ASAP.

But I couldn't ignore this tweet that says Harry now looks like Ron Swanson from Park and Rec's son. 😭

Even if you aren't Harry's 'stache's biggest fan, this might have been a long time coming for the singer. Fans found a tweet from way back in 2011 where he said he wanted a "Mario mustache." Looks like dreams really do come true.

Harry's look has been evolving since his One Direction days. He's been more open with wearing makeup and he had, not one, but both of his nipples on display at the 2019 Met Gala.

One Direction's 10th anniversary is finally upon us so maybe this is Harry's way of marking such a momentous occasion or a way for him to break away from his boy band image. Maybe he's just super inspired by Justin. Who wouldn't be?

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