Feed Your Valentine’s Soul with These 11 Delicious Gift Boxes

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Who does not love a gift box? And for people who love to cook and eat, a special box with delicious luxuries is about the best gift there is. So, with Valentine's Day around the corner, why not treat your food lover (or yourself!) with one of these 11 creative and delicious gift boxes.

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Oleamea Organic Olive Oil Gift Pack

If the cook in your life loves olive oil, they are probably very familiar with the imported oils out of Italy, Greece, and France. But it is time they were introduced to the gorgeous oils of Turkey. This two-bottle gift box from Oleamea includes a bottle of everyday olive oil for cooking and a bottle of luxury oil for dipping or garnishing. They are a new favorite of mine and are sure to be a welcome new discovery for whomever you are celebrating this February 14th.

Buy it: Oleamea Gift Pack ($24.99), amazon.com

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Gourmet Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Basket Tower

The only thing better than one gift box is a tower of gift boxes! But often these towers are full of perishable items that have to get consumed quickly. I love this tower of luxurious dried fruits and nuts, which are amazing for everything from snacking to baking, and have a long shelf life for extended enjoyment.

Buy it: Gourmet Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Basket Tower ($45.95), amazon.com

Courtesy Sips by

Personalized Favorites Tea Gift Boxes

Any tea lover would swoon over this gift box 3-month subscription, each of which will contain personalized choices guided by the online questionnaire the recipient will fill out. The gift card itself comes in a little box, but the real fun comes when they get a new box each month with a set of four curated new teas for them to enjoy.

Buy it: Personalized Favorites Tea Gift Boxes ($45), sipsby.com

Courtesy Spicewalla

Spicewalla 10 Pack Grill & Roast Collection

If your love is passionate about grilling, they are about to have their minds blown. Premium spice house Spicewalla has created a special gift box of their ten best grilling rubs and seasoning blends, which will be a fabulous inspiration for many delectable meals to come. This is the gift that keeps on giving and is always as much fun for the eaters as it is for the cook of the house.

Buy it: Spicewalla 10 Pack Grill & Roast Collection ($49.99), spicewalla.com

Courtesy Olympia

"Will You Be My Meat Heart?" Heart Shaped Box

Sure, anyone can give a heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine's Day. But only a genius would give a heart-shaped box of artisanal sausages! Olympia Provisions knows that sometimes the way to a person's heart is through cured meats. This adorable gift box includes either four of their most popular European sausages—Loukanika, Chorizo Rioja, Sopresatta, and Saucisson Sec—or three French style cured sausages—Arles, Alsace, and Sec—and two small boxes of their pepperettes, which are little spicy snackable sausages that are completely addictive.

Buy it: "Will You Be My Meat Heart?" Heart Shaped Box ($60), olympiaprovisions.com

Courtesy D'Artagnan

Deluxe Foie Gras Gift Box

Is the food lover in your life a foie fan? Can't get enough paté? Look no further than this extraordinary box from D'Artagnan, one of the best in the business for the ultimate in foie gras, and a supplier to many of the top restaurants. Their gift box contains two large slices of whole foie, ready to be seared, a tube of foie for slicing into medallions to top salads or canapes, a torchon of foie, and a tub of their truffled foie gras mousse. Your love will be in foie gras heaven!

Buy it: Deluxe Foie Gras Gift Box ($89.99), dartagnan.com

Courtesy Our Green House

Fresh Herbs Gift Basket

If the cook in your life is also a gardener (or wants to be), this is the perfect gift box for them. A gorgeous organic adjustable denim apron that is as functional as it is comfortable, a bamboo cutting board, and a set of eight varieties of organic herb seeds and labeling stakes, ready to plant in a window box or pot. Even better? This company makes donations with every purchase, and your giftee will receive a card that talks about how their gift is giving back.

Buy it: Fresh Herbs Gift Basket ($109.99), ourgreenhouse.com

Courtesy Mouth

The Big Dill Gift Box

Pickles are one of those things that can oddly inspire some serious passion, and I am one of those people for whom the pucker is everything. If you have a pickle lover in your life, this gift box is a treasure trove of amazing products. From basic dills and sweet chips, to fiery flavors, to unusual offerings like pickled blueberries and pickled cherry tomatoes, this is a gift any pickle fiend will absolutely treasure.

Buy it: The Big Dill Pickle Gift Box ($129.50), mouth.com

Courtesy Real Oyster Cult

Real Oyster Cult Valentine's Gift Set

Oysters are traditional for Valentine's Day for a reason: They are romantic, luxurious, and a special treat. So, creating a gift box around these briny beauties is Valentine's genius! The folks at Real Oyster Cult have created boxes that include either 40 or 60 oysters, and comes with an oyster knife and shucking gloves, a mignonette sauce with strawberry, champagne vinegar, and shallots, and even an option to add some caviar for an over-the-top treat that is sure to send you and your love into a world of delight.

Buy it: Real Oyster Cult Valentine's Gift Set ($123 for 40 count), realoystercult.com

Courtesy Wine Access

Wine Access Passion Projects Set

It can sometimes be hard to buy wine for the wine lover in your life, but thankfully, the experts at Wine Access have taken the mystery out of gifting. They find the types of wines any cork dork would go crazy for! The gift box to give this Valentine's Day: The Passion Project box, of course. Three bottles of wine that represent the deepest desires and passions of the winemakers, they are special, rare, and unique, just like your love.

Buy it: Passion Projects Set ($125), wineaccess.com

Courtesy Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Sweetheart Surf and Turf

Romantic dinner for two, times two! There might be no more classic Valentine's meal than Surf and Turf, and this year, you'll have to forgo that corner booth at your favorite steakhouse. But never fear, you can bring the whole meal home, and for the price you would probably pay for the one meal, you'll get enough for two! (Or a family of four, since it is hard to ditch the kids when you are eating at home.) Omaha Steaks has curated their Sweetheart Supper box, with four filets, four Maine lobster tails, four portions each of scalloped potatoes and creamed corn, and four chocolate souffles! They even include a jar of their signature steak seasoning and a bottle of their steak sauce. You can have the added benefit of cooking this romantic dinner together, grab a bottle of wine and a pair of aprons and celebrate your love deliciously.

Buy it: Sweetheart Surf and Turf ($169.99), omahasteaks.com