'FedEx Rockstar': Delivery Man Serenades Caregiver in Boston

Boston caregiver Sharline Nabulime and her colleagues were treated to an aria on September 2 when a FedEx delivery man demonstrated his operatic abilities at her workplace.

Nabulime told Storyful the courier always sings when he delivers a package, describing on Twitter the interactions as “a highlight in my workday”.

“Our FedEx delivery guy graciously lifts our spirits with his amazing vocals and a song for every season,” she wrote on her Twitter post. “I fear he might be in the wrong business.”

In this video, shot by Nabulime, the baritone FedEx employee pushes a cart stacked with packages as he sings, turning to face his audience as he approaches the door, before finishing with a vibrato-filled ascending crescendo.

“Now that’s our FedEx rockstar,” Nabulime says. Credit: Sharline Nabulime via Storyful