Fed-up dad picks up dramatic kid like she was 'another shopping bag'

One look at this video, and you'll recall all the times you've been either the daughter or the father in this viral TikTok. Moxi Moments curates some of the funniest videos on the internet. In one of the account's viral TikToks with 6.7 million views, a father had clearly had it with his little girl's behavior. In the video, the father parks the car in the driveway. He collects a few grocery bags from inside the vehicle. He then collects his daughter. She was lying lifeless on the ground, totally sprawled out. Without missing a beat, the stoic father picked the toddler up by her jacket and carried her up the stairs like a tote bag. The daughter didn't wiggle or squirm, she remained absolutely still and the father remained totally unfazed. TikTokers found the video hilarious and weighed in with their opinions. "He picked up his kid like it was another shopping bag," one user wrote. "Please someone give him a medal," a person said