Feast Your Eyes on Rainbow Bangs, This Year's Prettiest Hair Color Trend Yet

If you're anything like us, there are few things more relaxing than scouring Instagram for bright and elaborate hair-color ideas. If you've also found yourself recently entranced by brightly-colored box braids or Aurora Australis-inspired dye jobs, let us introduce you to an emerging trend that allows all the fun of a vibrant, fantasy hair color without nearly as much of the commitment. We're talking about rainbow bangs.

Across Instagram, there are countless posts under the hashtag #rainbowbangs showcasing all sorts of bangs in different cuts and color schemes. Kristina Cheeseman, a colorist based in St. Louis, Missouri, has given plenty of her clients their own iteration of the trend. "I have noticed an uptick in rainbow panels, mostly due to the fact they're easier to maintain, they're not your entire head, and you still get the essence of rainbow hair with half the maintenance involved," she says.

Though you might find the idea of wearing a rainbow on your forehead a little out there, rest assured colorists are coming up with inventive ways to keep this trend fresh and approachable. "I make my rainbow grungier and less vibrant by diluting each of my colors with a contrasting color," explains Warwick, New York-based colorist Kate McBride. "This makes the colors a little dirtier and, in my opinion, more mature and wearable for somebody not in their teens."

But there's no one correct way to do rainbow bangs, as evidenced by the sheer amount of looks you can find on social media. Below, see a few of our favorite takes on the trend.

The rainbow bangs Cheeseman recently did for this client prove that even people with dark hair can maintain bright accents. "Because she had previously-colored dark hair, it was nearly impossible to get her mid-shaft and ends as light as the roots," Cheeseman recalls. "So I worked with the color it lifted to create the gradient from bright to moody."

Rainbow bangs don't even require a full ROYGBIV moment. As colorist Arminta Willar showcases, red, yellow, and blue shades blend together seamlessly when paired with some strategically-placed silver dye.

Brooklyn-based hairstylist Onai Aziz tells Allure that this particular client dyed her bangs by herself just before coming in for this short and shaggy haircut. You can color us impressed because it's a really cute combination of turquoise, orange, and yellow.

Short, blunt bangs are not necessary to nail this trend, as proven by Michigan-based colorist @angomyhair. To accentuate this client's long side swoop, she blended in a full spectrum of colors from red to indigo.

Rainbow bangs make an excellent statement on both neutral and bright hair colors if you ask colorist Siva Hanson. Her head-turning bangs blend into the upper layers of this client's turquoise dye job, making them truly impossible to miss.

Here we see McBride's grungy take on rainbow bangs, which she created by mixing complementary colors. She diluted her red dyes with green dyes, orange dyes with blue dyes, and so on to achieve this look.

Here, Texas-based colorist Patrick Garcia proves that even vivid, orange mermaid waves pair well with rainbow bangs. He used fuschia, turquoise, and lime-green shades to bring new life to this client's light-brown hair, which had previously colored and faded bangs.

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