I Never Liked Wearing a Simple White T-Shirt—Until I Found This One

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The easiest thing in the world to put on to look casually pulled together is a white T-shirt. I wrote them off for years—too easy to stain, too boring, too flimsy. And then something shifted; maybe that I turned 30, started carrying around a Tide pen, and found the right bra to go underneath crew necks (this one, to me, just feels right).

I hesitate to forcefully recommend the T-shirt bra—boobs are all so different—but I feel confident in my T-shirt recommendation, the Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee, because I love it so much. I’ve bought the white one three times now, having worn one into the ground and misplaced another. I’ve now ordered other colors, too; there are 18 (!) options. The price is $30 for one or $60 for three.

This shirt feels substantial without feeling heavy, roomy but definitely not sacklike, a little cropped but not so much that I’d even count it as a cropped top. (Another thing that T-shirts have going for them these days is that clothes are generally looser and comfier now than they were a decade ago. Whereas previously I felt more confined to considering shirts described as “slim fit,” we seem to be moving away from that, which is great because … I just don’t want a T-shirt to trace my armpit.) The Everlane Box-Cut Tee looks nice with high-waisted pants. I’ve worn it to work; I’ve worn it working from home; I’ve worn it trekking around the pyramids outside of Mexico City.

This shirt has a zillion good reviews on Everlane’s site, earning praise like “go-to shirt,” and “perfect.” Vogue calls it “flattering and practical.” Wirecutter, where I worked years ago, gives it high marks on “comfort and quality,” though it lost out for best boxy cropped shirt to one that was softer, more cropped, and more expensive. So take that into account if you want. But also know that the Everlane tee has something else going for it—the option for a little pocket.