Our favorite TV just got a huge discount thanks to Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

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Michael Gowan/CNN Underscored
Michael Gowan/CNN Underscored

In the world of TVs, Samsung makes some of the very best, and the Samsung OLED S90C ranks at the top of those we tested. Thanks to Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, that TV gets even better with 32% off its price tag, bringing it down to just $1,298.

Samsung OLED S90C TV
32% off

World Wide Stereo
World Wide Stereo

The bright and oh-so-colorful Samsung OLED S90C is a top-notch TV — our best pick, in fact. Now the 55-inch model is back down to an all-time low price.

$1,298 at Amazon

The Samsung OLED S90C boasts a quantum-dot OLED panel that still delivers the superb contrast OLED is known for while avoiding the more limited brightness. As a result, it’s wonderfully bright and will work well in most rooms. It also has vibrant color to make sure whatever content you’re watching looks great.

While plenty of good TVs exist for under $1,000, the OLED S90C outdoes them when it comes to design, and you won’t find many offering the same OLED performance. With four HDMI 2.1 ports, you can enjoy extra-fast gaming at 120Hz with very responsive pixels. It’s hard to beat its value, and that goes double when it has a sizable discount like this.

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